The Specialty of Kolam Air Panas

  • Cure various skin diseases such as Ringworm, Itch, Scabies and etc .
  • Cure tired and sore body by self-submerging in the hot water pond.
  • High mineral contents as well as hot water temperature reaching 42°C.
  • Water is continuously boiling, which can be seen from hot bubbles produced in the main pond.

Kolam Air Panas has its own specialty whether it is in terms of recreational or medication, because in the Kolam Air Panas, there are four ponds which can provide enjoyment to the visitors. Apart from that, Kolam Air Panas, Labis is the only hot water pool available in the Johor State. As a result, Kolam Air Panas can provide more enjoyment to visitors as it is different from other picnic and recreation places available in the Johor state, and in peninsular Malaysia.

Activities which can be conducted
* Camp
* Picnic
* Student visit
* Bathe
* Exercise