Takah Merluh Kg. Tenang

'TAKAH MERLUH' (aborigine language) are two separate name where ‘takah’ means water container and ‘merluh’ means asleep. TAKAH MERLUH waterfall's history started several aborigines found that waterfall area are shaped like notch. The pleasant atmosphere, made them asleep. Due to that event, aborigines name that waterfall TAKAH MERLUH.

TAKAH MERLUH's waterfall is opened for all without any payment and suitable to be made as a campsite. Every year, there will always be a district and external district level picnic held here. Facilities prepared such as toilet, dressing room, rest hut, prayer hut, campsite and car parks. Travelling distance between Air dives TAKAH MERLUH with Labis town is only 17km long. TAKAH MERLUH's waterfall has been reserved as Hutan Simpan Labis.

Hutan Lipur Takah Merluh in Hutan Simpan Labis is a forest from a Hutan Dipterokarp Bukit type which possesses diverse flora and fauna. This amenity forest main attraction is its waterfall uniqueness which possesses tiered waterfall and fairly high bank. Flora and fauna which are not yet explored will remain its originality beckon to be studied and known as a natural treasure of high value. Here tourist can also go sightseeing as well as feast their eyes on the available wildlife in this area. To reach this amenity forest, tourist can use their own vehicle or take a taxi from Pekan Air Panas through Kampung Tenang. Major recreation activities in this amenity forest is the tracing the fauna as well as enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings.

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Lokasi Air Terjun Takah Merluh